My Guiding Light…..🌟

I often find myself feeling a bit reflective around this time of the year, as I think many of us do…..I miss family and friends….I think of Christmas past, present and future. I think about what past times have held for me and what is yet to come.   

In a moment of silence, while at church this morning….I felt tearful for no apparent reason, which I often do…..but today was different……I experienced an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for ALL THAT IS my life. I felt the clarity in knowing that God has ever so eloquently placed me in HIS story, just as he has already written it and how it is meant to be……Thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done…. 

MY LIFE, to this point….(good/bad, joyful/sad, success/failure)…is The Prequel to my destiny of all that is to come, in my lower story and my upper story. I am overjoyed in the thought that God has it all planned and written….for me….and that gives me comfort.   

My only purpose in this life is to pray every day for the guiding light, and the faith, that directs me through his story, as he has already written it.  

I don’t always feel like I get things right!  I tend to veer off course, more often than not!  I don’t always understand why certain things happen!  But, maybe that’s the point… We must fall before we can get up, we must fail before we can succeed, and we must experience sadness before we can know joy. 💗  

Our lives flow with purpose….his purpose!

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Be A Light To The Darkness in Others…..My Personal Journey ☀️

Several weeks ago, it was a usual morning with my usual routine of getting up at 6:45 a.m. I headed out to walk my dogs, feeling tired and groggy, trying to wake up…..thinking of everything ahead of me for what I knew would be an extremely busy day…feeling stressed over some things in my life that I felt were out of my control, as we all do from time to time over life’s complexity…..and in those first moments, as I walked out my patio door, I looked up out to the most magnificent sight! The Rays from the sun were shining so brightly through a light fog that morning. ☀️ The Rays were literally blazing through the trees and shining brighter than I have ever seen!!! I was completely and utterly awestruck. I stood in amazement of what I was seeing……I knew I had to capture it. I ran in the house and grabbed my phone to take pictures of it.

 I can’t even describe the amount of peace I felt in that moment. I knew it was a sign, especially made for my eyes to see….a sign of peace, a sign to breathe and to take hold of the calmness it presented and a sign that there is a bigger force in my life watching over me and guiding me.

 It was in that one defining moment that I knew I finally felt my purpose. I finally felt that peace that I have prayed long and hard for most of my life…..and In that very moment, I felt a change happening in me……..It became clear to me that I should never worry and be overwhelmed over everyday life stressors, like we ALL do at times! It is just plain crazy to think I can carry on living like that. Fear, doubt and anxiety are irrational feelings and consuming to all of us at times. No one wants to feel that regularly over everyday life! That’s just silly! Life should be lived and relished!  

In that moment my purpose became so incredibly clear to me… purpose is to let go of my fears, doubt and anxieties and share that light put right there in front of me. That is exactly what I am going to strive to do!!! Be A Light!!!! It was clear to me that through this choice, I bring strength to myself to look forward to the wonderment and goodness life has to offer us every single day!    

My message to you today is to “Find strength in the light of each new day and look for ways to be the light in the darkness of others”.   

Peace and Love to you all ❤️

Choose Happiness….💕

Our lives consist of many choices as we journey through. There are choices that lead us to happiness and goodness, and choices that lead us to sadness, defeat and disappointment.
There are no guarantees in our lives; and you really do not know where a single choice will lead you, until you make it.  This is one of the single most important things I have come to realize about my own life.

Making choices that lead to happiness is not about overcoming obstacles or adversity in your life.  It’s about making a conscious decision every day to make choices that, simply put…”create your own happiness”, no matter what is put in front of you, good or bad.

Nobody said that choosing to do the right thing all the time would be easy, or that those choices would always lead you to happiness.  There are too many possible outcomes, which you cannot control.

You, and only YOU, have the power to make good choices and create your own happiness.

Whether your choice is the right one or not, do not regret whatever the outcome.  Instead, learn from it, and remember that you always have the chance to make better choices in the future. ❤️